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<American Legion, Mid-Pac Post 1, Tamuning, Guam
American Legion
Mid-Pacific Post 1
Tamuning, Guam


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Guam Dining

Guam is a truly cosmopolitan community and this is reflected in the diverse range of cuisine available for almost any taste and budget. For a relatively small island, Guam has an amazingly large number of dining options ranging from lavish dinner shows to many of the fast food outlets Guam Dinerspread across the U.S. mainland to local snack stands. Cuisine includes Chamorro, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Jamaican and American. On this page we will introduce a few of the local favorites and better known eateries. As time permits, we will add to this page. In the meantime, may we recommend Guam Diner for a more complete listing of Guam restaurants by type of cuisine and location. Guam Diner also provide reviews of many Guam restaurants.

Steak and American Fare

Lone Star Steakhouse, Tamuning, GuamLonestar Steakhouse. Located on Marine Corps Drive in Tumon, this U.S. chain restaurant serves Texas style and Texas size steaks, burgers and barbeque, drinks at the bar and buckets of roasted peanuts.

The Outback Steakhouse, Tamuning, GuamLocated in Tumon directly across from the Westin Hotel, this major U.S. "Australian theme" chain restaurant is popular with tourists as well as locals. The fare is the same as an Outback in the U.S.

Hy's Steakhouse, Tumon, GuamHy's Steakhouse. A premiere Canadian steakhouse located in the Guam Holiday Resort. Serves one of the best steaks and boasts the most extensive wine list on the island. Hy's is a must for visitors looking for the best and who are not on a budget. Hy's is a bit expensive.

American Legion Mid-Pac Post 1 Canteen, Tamuning, Guam American Legion Canteen. The American Legion Mid-Pac Post 1 is the oldest existing American Legion Post in the Pacific and the only post to survive a foreign occupation. The canteen is open to the public and has the bet $3.50 breakfast you can B urn your own steak at the American Legionfind anyhere. Don't miss their "burn your own steak" the 2nd Saturday of each month with a 14 oz steak with all trimmings for $10.00. All veterans and military welcome. Check out their menu here.

Hardrock, Tamuning, GuamHard Rock Cafe's are just about everywhere, but most Guam residents were delighted to get one on the island. The Hard Rock is located in Tumon in the Plaza Arcade in front of the Outrigger Hotel.

Planet Hollywood was a welcome addition Planet Hollywood, Tamuning, Guamfor local residents who love Guam for it's laid back island life, but miss amenities of the U.S. mainland. Also popular with tourists looking for a bit of "Americana" in the middle of the Pacific.

TGIF, Tumon, GuamTGI Fridays. Another U.S. standard in the middle of the Pacific. A new treat for Guam residents and very popular with our Asian visitors who want to experience a bit of Americana. Two locations, Tumon hotel area and Hagatna across from the Hagatna Marina.

Tony Romas, GuamTony Roma's. Miami's famous Tony Roma's now has two locations on Guam, the Royal Orchid Hotel in central Tumon and a new location in the Hagatna Mall. Tony Roma's features barbeque ribs, dinners and cocktails.


Caliente Taqueria. Caliente Taqueria. One of my favorite Guam restaurants. No frills and Mexican decor. Just great authentic Mexican cuisine. The food is outstanding and very reasonably priced. Order from the counter and watch your favorite dish being prepared. This is probably the most authentic Mexican cuisine in the Western Pacific. Yes, just my opinion, but I do like Mexican and Caliente does it right. I also like the help yourself salsa, chips and sour cream bar. If you are on Guam and like Mexican food, but be sure to give Caliente a try.

Carmens Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant, Hatagna, GuamCarmen's Cha Cha. Located in Hagatna across the street from the Cathedral Basilica, Carmen's Cha Cha restaurant is the only other Guam restaurant offering authentic Mexican fare. Open for lunch an dinner, meals start with Carmen's made fresh daily tortilla chips and salsa. You may then chose from ala carte or full, large, mixed plates of various Mexican dishes.

Island Style

Jamacian Grill, Restaurant, Guam Jamaican Grill. The Jamaican Grill serves authentic Jamaican Jerk (Barbeque) that fits right into the Guam island style. Jerk is a unique mixture of exotic spices that works well with chicken, pork and fish. The Jamaican Grill also offers Guam staples such as chicken keleguen and red rice and a selection of tropical drinks. Jamaican grill presently operates locations the Chamorro Village and in Tumon across from the Pacific Islands Club.

Asian Cuizine

House of Chin Fe Chinese Restaurant, Anigua, GuamHouse of Chin Fe. Chinese. I don't know how long the House of Chin Fe has been on Guam, but it was here when I first steped on iland in 1992 and I have been eating here ever since. Located in Anigua, about 7 miles from the front gate of Naval Station, Guam, this is a local restaurant with great food and good prices. The original House of Chin Fe was a small building next door to the current expanded building that opened a few years ago. Good food, generous portions and reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

Marianas Trench Thai Restaurant, Tamuning, GuamOne of the oldest Thai restaurants and hottest nightspots on Guam. Located on Marine Corps Drive, across from Denny's, the Marianas Trench may very well serve the best Thai food on Guam. Stay away from a 10 on the heat scale. With an adjoining bar and lounge with pool table, big screen TV, and jukebox and great looking bartenders.

Thai Kitchen. Thai Kitchen has been a favorite for Thai fans for over 8 years. This is not your typical Stateside Thai restaurant. The atmosphere and cuisine are authentic and prices are reasonable. Thai Kitchen is smaller than“The Trench” and does not have a lounge, but for a great Thai meal in a comfortable atmosphere, Thai Kitchen is hard to beat. LOcated on Marine Corps Drive in Tamuning behind Josie's Tavern.

On the Beach

Jeffs Pirates Cove, Guam Jeff's Pirates Cove. Jeff's is a Guam institution and the only one of the original beach bars that is still in operation today. Jeff's is located in Inarajan on the Eastern side of the island on the Pacific Ocean. With a wooden planked interior, open bar fronting the Ocean, and reputedly, the best hamburgers on the island, Jeff's is a must stop for visitors and residents alike.

Sails Restaurant, Tumon, Guam.

Sails. Remember the old local beach bars like Wet Willies and Tahiti Rama? Sails is the closest left. Located on Tumon Bay beach between the Reef and Outrigger, Sails offers indoor and beach front dining and cocktails with live band entertainment. Sails also plays host to beach parties sponsored by local radio stations.

Sante Fe on the BaySanta Fe Hotel Bar and Grill. Located on East Hagatna Bay facing the Philippine Sea, Santa Fe is a great place to dine under a famous Guam sunset. Santa Fe also offers one of the best happy hours on the island with live Island style music on the weekends.





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