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Guam Housing and Real Estate

Guam housing and real estate single family dwelling.Typical Guam Housing. Housing and real estate prices on Guam tend to be somewhat higher than the mainland. With the relatively high occurrences of typhoons, Guam housing tends to be designed more for hardening and survival than aesthetics. At the high end price range, however Guam has a broad selection of high exceptionally attractive dwellings such as the signle family home pitured here. New gated housing communities are sprouting up all around the island to fit a wide range of budgets. If your taste runs toward apartment condominium or apartment, Guam has large selection ranging from inexpensive units off the beaten path to luxury ocean front high rise complexes over-looking the Pacific Ocean or Philippine Sea. Guam is military friendly and highly desirable off-Guam housing and real estate single family dwelling.base housing can normally be found within living quarters allowances, which are very generous on Guam. Military personnel stationed on Guam and living off-base generally live very well compared to thier counterparts serving on a mainland assignment. Military personnel who prefer to live on-base, closer to DoD schools, commissaries, exchanges and MWR recreational facilities, will also find housing to be of a very high standard. This page is not designed to be a comprehensive guide to. We do hope you find us a good starting point as you prepare for your move to our Island.

Lockwood Family Housing, Naval Base, uamMilitary Housing. The Navy and Air Force offer modern roomy and well maintained on-base housing for families and unaccompanied personnel. Many quarters on Andersen AFB and Naval Base Guam are duplex units, but there are also many single family units such as this house located in the Lockwood Housing Complex on the Naval Base adjacent to the Sumay Cove Marina. The Navy maintains housing on Nimitz Hill and on the Navy Hospital facility with large yards and panaramic views of the Philippine Sea. Housing on Andersen AFB spans a large portion of this sprawling base with many units, enlisted and officer, adjacent to the Andersen Golf Course on the cliff line also overlooking the Philippine Sea. Navy and Air Force DODDS svhools, commissries, exchanges and MWR facilities are conveniently located in close proximity to housing areas.

Guam beach front condominium and pool.Alupang Cove Beach Front Apartments. This two bedroom-two bath beach front apartment in the Alupang Cove Condominium complex is representative of a mid-range dwelling for singles of families with 1 or 2 children who want to avoid the expense and maintenance effort associated with a single family home. Alupang Cove Condominium is conveniently located next to the Sheraton Laguna Hotel on Oka Point in the central part of the island close to the Tumon beaches and entertainment district, shopping, schools and Guam Memorial Hospital. Located on a large tract of beautifully maintained grounds in central Tamuning on Oka Point, this apartment offers a bright and airy living room. master bedroom overlooking West Hagatna Bay and one of the best pools on the island. Additionally, the location, about midway between Andersen AFB and Naval Base Guam, make Alupang Condo a highly desired location for military tenants.

Guam beach front condominium.The Alupang Cove Condominium complex has recently been upgraded and typhoon hardened and the recently upgraded swimming pool and patio barbeque area is one of the best on the island. Don't underestimate the value of typhoon hardening on Guam where super typhoons are a part of life with winds routinely exceeding 150 mph. An on-site generator provides power for refrigeration and minimal appliances during island-wide power outages which may be experienced after such storms.

Alupang Cove Condominium ApartmentsTwo bedroon-two bath units such as the shown here typically rent for $1,500 to $2,000 per month. Rent includes all utilities, central air conditioning, basic cable TV, reserved off-street parking and security. No utilities deposits or hook-up fees required (other than telephone and premium TV channels). Simply move in. Rent is competitive with other similar units in the area and within military LQA. Units are presently selling for $230,000 to $250,000. Large one bedroom units an eficiency apartments are also available. Take a virtual tour of this Alupang Cove condominium.

Guam Housing Market Outlook. Like the rest of the country, the Guam real estate market has seen wide swings in the last 20 years. From highs in the late eighties and early nineties, when Condo's such as the Alupang Cove unit described above sold in the $250K's, to what was probably the rock bottom in 2002, when the same Condo would fetch as low as $100K. Since that time, Guam's real estate market has continued to gradually improve and despite a rough 2009, analysts believe that Guam's housing market will improve in the second half of 2010 with the commencement of work associated with the move of 8,000 Marines and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam. In it's “2009 Guam Market Update”, the Captain Real Estate Group states that “We expect further increases in median prices for housing because an increasing number of sales will reflect new and higher priced product.” Assuming this is true, it appears to be a favorable time to consider purchasing real estate on Guam . Alternatively, according research by the Guam Economic Development Agency, GEDA, in guamrealestatetips.com, “the rental market on Guam remains soft, giving a renter a good selection of apartments, condominiums and houses”. Not a bad time for a move to Guam .


Alupang Cove Condomunium

Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.

Front Entrance


Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.


Living Room

Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.

Living and Dining Area and Kitchen

View from Living Room Balcony

Guam beachfront apartment rental.
Guam beachfront apartment rental.

Master Bedroom

Night View from Balcony